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Unfair Means Inquiry Committee

Unfair Means Inquiry Committee


One senior faculty as Chairman and three faculties as Members. The members of Unfair Means Inquiry Committee will not be the members in the Examination Committee of the College.



Dr Kishori J Bhagat             Chairperson

Dr Avinash Shendre             Member

Dr Mangal Awate                 Member

Dr Dhananjay Wankhede    Member



The Unfair Means Inquiry Committee is formed each year, at the beginning of the Academic Year, the same committee members may be continued/ reappointed for the next year.

The committee will follow the norms and formats as prescribed by the University of Mumbai and the punishment as prescribed by Ordinance O.5050

The committee is appointed to look into the matters relating to the examinations conducted by the colleges at first year and second year across all programmes/ faculties and all exams

The unfair means used by the final year students in the examination of the University conducted in the college are reported to the University unfair means inquiry committee

The committee following the procedure and after proper inquiry will recommend the punishment in the prescribed format to the Principal, whose decision is final and binding.



Any student found using/ doing unfair means during the examination is subject to the following procedure and punishment

  • Before the start of any examination, the unfair means inquiry committee displays the basic awareness norms for the students related to prohibition of unfair means in the exam on notice board of each floor
  • During the exam, the junior supervisor identifies the unfair means used by a particular student
  • After oral preliminary talk by the member of the exam committee, and confirming the possession of unfair means, the student is asked to fill the undertaking form signed by the student.
  • After the supervision is over for the day, the junior supervisor is asked to fill a form reporting the candidate using unfair means
  • The case is informed to the unfair means inquiry committee on the same day.
  • On the same day, the unfair means inquiry committee gives them a charge sheet and a letter informing them the date of the inquiry on which they are required to be present.
  • After all the exams for the semester are over, the exam committee prepares a list of students using unfair means in the said semester end examination
  • The list along with the covering letter signed by the chairman exam committee is submitted to the chairman unfair means inquiry committee
  • On the day of the inquiry, the entire quorum of unfair means inquiry committee is present for the inquiry of the students caught using unfair means
  • The students are made to sit in one room and sent to the conference room for the inquiry one by one
  • The student is asked to explain his say on the unfair means used
  • The student accepts and or the committee is assured with the documents that the student is guilty
  • The student is asked to give his/ her statement on use of unfair means
  • All the documents/ formats are as per the formats and of University of Mumbai
  • The committee after discussion and analysis and as per the ordinance O.5050 gives its recommendation of punishment to be given to the students to the Principal
  • The Principal accepts the recommendation and sign
  • The signed recommendation result is displayed on the notice board and one copy is handed over to exam committee for further action
  • If any student is absent on the date of inquiry two reminders are send to give them the opportunity to appear and present themselves in front of the committee. If they still remain absent for the inquiry, the committee decides on the basis of the evidences attached with the paper.


Unfair Means Inquiry Committee operates strictly as per the ordinance O.5050 and guidelines of the University of Mumbai. The punishment is as per the ordinance.


  1. Notice Board Display
  2. Candidate undertaking
  3. Junior supervisor report
  4. Charge Sheet
  5. Letter intimating date of inquiry
  6. Candidate statement
  7. Recommendation of Punishment/ Result