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7th Aug, 2018

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Student Council

The Student Councilis a statutory body consisting of teachers and student members. 
The Chairman was principal Dr. A.p.Mahajan, the Teacher lncharge, Dr. Kishori Bhagat and the teacher members' Mrs Jyoti iohane - Culturil Chairperson, Mr. Dhinanjay Wankhede - N.S.S. Programme Officer and Mr. Anand Pawar - lncharge Sports.
The Student Council started with the formation process and then the elections as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai. The elections were conducted smoothly and Ms. Mamta Patilwas elected as the General Secretary and Mr. Siddhant Maldikar was elected as the Joint-Secretary of the student council for the AY 2013-14.
A guidance lecture on career in beauty culture was organised on 20th January, 2014 on Monday, at 10:40 am in room No. 001 for allthe girls'student. The Guest Speakerwas Mrs. Pratibha Sadekar' She is an eminent Beauty Specialist holding an lnternational Beauty Course Degree. She guided the students on various career'opportunities in beauty culture. She specially informed them about the Government Recognized & Certified Beauty Culture Course.
The outreach activity "PRAGATI ENTERP'RENEURS" Exhibition-cum-Sale of the products produced by the studenti of Pragati College was organised on 25th January 2014. lt was inaugurated at 9.30 a.m. in the hands of Chief Guest Mrs. Tejaswini Makwana and Principal Dr. A. P. Mahajan- In all there were 22 stalls. The stalls containe'd products like Handmade bags, envelops, chocolates, cakes, fast food stalls, Mehandi stalls, key chains and other cosmetic items. There were some games stalls along with variety of food stalls. The food was prepared by the students themselves. One of the stalls was owned Oy tiSS volunteers and One by NCC cadets. Majority of the stalls were owned by Girl students -'Women Entrepreneurs"'
The student council members actively participated in all the activities as well as interacted with the NAAC Peer Team visit on 6ttr, /th and 8th February 2014.
Various activities under the banner of Student Councilwere conducted through out the academic year Z0l3-14. Student Council basically being the statutory body is involved in all the activities conducted in the college under various Oannersl committees and associations. All the members of the Student Council wJre actively involved in the planning and implementation of CulturalActivities, Sports, N.S.S. activities and prze Distribution Function, etc. The Student Council members also helped to maintain discipline in all these activities conducted through out the year.