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7th Aug, 2018

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Principal's Desk

It gives one an immense pleasure to pen a few thoughts on the occasion of launching this website. Over the years, importance has been given to impart higher education to the younger generation with innovative academic programmes. Emphasis is given on excellence in Education qualitative programmes, latest curriculums, and overall development of our students by encouraging them to participate in extra-curricular activities, we have strived hard to nurture their talents to face the challenges of the new millennium.

Above all there is this guest to provide the newest and multifaceted progressive education to our students. The aim of educational institutions is development of the society and the nation. Educational institutions are fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of the society around. The institutions of higher learning are trying to make higher education accessible, available, affordable and qualitative. The educational institutions are targeting to achieve a symbiotic bond of teachers, students and managements in quality enhancement. By providing quality education, moulding self reliant and selfless human being and encouraging the students to unleash their true potential the institute aims to be the best. Inculcation of values is one of the most important aims of educational institutions through ages. Therefore value education should be the integral part of curricular. The future lies in the hands of knowledge society.

In future there will be two work forces made up of under fifty and above fifties. The under fifties will be definately ruling the knowledge economy. To rule the knowledge economy we need creation of knowledge, its dissemination, its application and providing access to knowledge technology. The agenda of the universities and colleges in this scenario may include opening new vistas of learning, new frontiers of researching, academic restructuring, sharing of expertise, innovation, technology transfer, knowledge management, training, employability, entrepreneurship etc.

Our college is an institution where education is the means, where by students equip themselves with knowledge to cope with the facts that are in store for them to develop all round personality. We believe that education is not for preparation of life but education is itself life. The management, the principal, the staff will try their level best to bring this belief in reality.

Dr. A. P. Mahajan