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Policy for Maintenance and Utilization of Physical, Academic and Support Service Facilities

Pragati College of Arts and Commerce, Dombivli, has formulated its policy for the maintenance and utilization of physical, academic and support facilities. The policy covers the maintenance and utilization of:

  1. Administrative Office
  2. Academic and Classrooms
  3. Library
  4. Computer Labs
  5. Sports and Gymkhana
  6. Conference Room
  7. Security
  8. Infrastructural Facilities- Building, Electricity, Water and Telephones

Aims of the Policy:

  1. To do optimum utilization of the facilities provided for academic and administrative purposes.
  2. To maintain the uninterrupted and smooth functioning of the facilities.
  3. To do up-gradation, repairing and replacement of the resources.
  4. To establish standard procedure for the use and maintenance of the facilities.
  5. To maintain the proper channel of communication for coordination among different users and caretakers of the facilities.


  1. Library: Every year, the college constitutes a Library Committee consisting of the principal as its convener, college librarian, one member from teaching faculty and one from non-teaching. In the meeting of the committee convened at the beginning of the academic year, the librarian presents Annual Library Budget of various departments based on student ratio for each subject. This committee deliberates on the budgetary allocations, evaluates the previous years’ balance and approves the new budget for the current academic year. Library is automated with SLIM 21 Library management Software. Therefore, from issue-returning of books to attendance of students in library marked through this software.

The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution to be made of the Pragati College Library Resources. All the bonafide students of the college are eligible to become member of our library.

  1. Every student entering in the library premises should have an Identity Card. It should be produced as & when demanded by the library staff. 
  2. Strict silence shall be observed in the library.
  3. Student must handle books, any other material, such as periodicals, question sets withv great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defecting or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct & strictly dealt with.
  4. The loss of library card must be informed in writing to the Librarian immediately. A finev of Rs.100 will be charged for issuance of duplicate Library card. 
  5. The readers should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc. while borrowing the book.
  6.  A fine Rs.1/- will be charge per day for late return of the book. However after 1 week ofv overdue the fine will be charge as Rs. 2/- per day. And, after 2 weeks of overdue the fine will be charge as Rs.5/- per day.
  7.  In case of loss of books /resources readers shall be requested to replace it or pay the cost of the resources.
  8.  Students should bring only writing materials inside the library. Bags should be kept at thev baggage counter.
  9.  Mobiles have to be kept in silence mode.
  10.  The students should enter the book details in the library register before referencing.
  11. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the privilege of borrowing of any member found misbehaving.
  12.  In case of complaints/suggestions, readers are request to bring them to the notice of the librarian. Suggestion box is kept in the Library. 
  13. All cases of students who disregard the rules given above will be reported to the Principal for appropriate action. 
  14. Membership Rules for Casual Members - Any students who are pursuing higherv education can apply in prescribed Performa and become a casual member after the approval of the principal by paying the prescribed fee. 
  • For 1 day Rs.25/-
  • For 3 days Rs.50/-
  • For annual membership library Fees for External Students: Rs.100/- (Per month) + Library Deposit: Rs.500/- (refundable) 
  • For Alumni: Rs. 50/- (Per Month) + Library Deposit : Rs. 500/-(Refundable)
  •  P.S. - For Casual membership books will be issued for reference only.
  1. Computer Lab:

Students should carry ID card while using the lab. They may be asked to present it at any time, and if not provided, students may be asked to leave the lab.


Students are not allowed to install software, games, ICQ or instant messengers, media players etc on lab computers.


Students are not allowed to reconfigure computers, personalize desktops, or alter another user's files, move computers or tamper with their cables. If they have a legitimate reason for wanting to alter a computer station, they should ask a staff member at the Help Desk to find out the appropriate procedure.


Students should not leave their personal belongings unattended. Laboratory staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or moved items. It is the responsibility of individual to keep their own property safe and secure.


Food and drink are not permitted in the lab.


  1. Sports and Gymkhana: The college has a Sports and Gymkhana Committee consisting of a convener and a member. They look after all the activities. Every year sport days are organised that include indoor and outdoor games. For indoor games like carom, chess, kabaddi and volleyball, college auditorium and open space is used. For outdoor games, nearby is open ground is used on rent basis. The schedules of the inter-collegiate and university tournaments are informed to the students through notices and they are given the practice. The sports equipments are issued to the students and record is maintained in the register. T. A.-D. A. and sports kits are provided to the students go participate in inter-collegiate or university level tournaments.
  2. Conference Hall: There is one well-equipped conference hall which is used for the following purpose.
  1. Meeting of College Governing Council
  2. Meeting of College Development Committee
  3. Meeting of IQAC
  4. Staff meeting by the principal
  5. Meeting of different committees of the college
  6. Meeting of alumni association
  7. Seminar/conference/workshop
  8. Interview for Ph. D. Students
  9. Any other event with permission of principal
  1. Security: A peon is given the responsibility who checks the identity cards of the students and maintains the record of visitors. CCTV cameras are set in the premises. Their working condition is checked regularly. Their monitoring connection is provided in the cabin of principal.
  2. Infrastructural Facilities- Building, Electricity, Water and Telephones: Separate cabins are provided for various departments and associations. Head or in-charge of the department or association looks after the facilities provided in the cabin. The focus is given on the optimum utilization of the resources provided. The college office superintendent in consultation with the principal allots a person from the office staff to take the responsibility  of maintaining the water purifiers and coolers, generator, xerox machine, telephone connections, ACs and UPS. A technician, plumber, car-painter, electrician and cleaner from outside are also called as and when required.

Maintenance of the Facilities:

1) For maintaining and utilization of various physical and academic facilities a decentralized procedure is adopted. Each section head looks after the facilities in his / her section.

2) For decision involving less than Rs. 5000/ expenditure is approved by principal through IQAC.  But for the decision involving more than Rs. 5000/ expenditure the section head reports to IQAC and IQAC puts forward the proposal to principal. Then it is discussed by the principal in Governing Council Meeting in which the final decision about sanction is taken.

3) The general facilities are under the care of the administrative office.

4) If there is any electric problem in the classroom like fan not working, problem of LED or likewise things, it is conveyed to IQAC or the assigned person at office through the respective class teacher.

5) The college has different committees which are made to look after the facilities provided.

6) For drinking water supply the college has installed water purifiers and coolers which are maintained by the support staff.

7) Electric fittings and wiring are periodically monitored by external experts for replacement and repairing.

8) The lab in charge is given the responsibilities of air conditions, computers and other related equipments in computer laboratory.

9) The librarian looks after all physical and academic facilities in the central library. 

10) The departmental heads looks after their respective departmental cabins.