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7th Aug, 2018

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Aavishkar magazine was published in 1997-98. It is a store-house of every students thoughts. It is published every year. Committee members collect materials for magazine from students and then members select the material for the magazine. It is the collection of Articles, humorous anecdotes,poems photographs, prize list, language articles, Staff achievement,reports...etc. Cover page competition is held. Members give them the topic and students creation, ideas are helpful for our magazine cover page.
Goals and Objectives:- Over the years our goals and objectives of magazine have been and will always be: to keep the art alive by showcasing the magazine achievements and accomplishments and educate our readers with informative step by step.
Comprehensive articles on many varying subjects from the students and also encourage others.
  1. Prize list and photographs of the students encourage others to take part in it.
  2. Encouragement is given to their own literary work.
  3. Eye candy to inspire and motivate the students.
  4. Keep in mind that every time you get a copy of Aavishkar with novel thought and motivate the student to read and write more in it.

Members 2016-17

  1. Ms. Mangal  Avate
  2. Mr. Mukesh Patil
  3. Ms. D. Grace Kamala
  4. Ms. Chandana Malavade
  5. Ms. Arundhati Aatakar
  6. Ms. Swati Deshmukh
  7. Ms. Gayatri Pawar
  8. Ms.Pradnya Ambade
  9. Mr. Natwar Valvi