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7th Aug, 2018

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Library Committee

Library Committee Composition :


Dr. Jyoti H. Pohane – Chairperson, Principal


Mrs. Trupti A. Tulsankar – Secretary, Librarian


Head of Concerned Departments – Teaching representative


General Secretary, Student council – Student representative


Mr. Gurunath Patil – Non-teaching representative


Book Bank Scheme Committee:

Dr. Jyoti H. Pohane - Chairperson(Principal)

Dr. Avinash B. Shendre - Convener, Senior Faculty SC/ST Category

Dr. Anuja Bapat - Member ( Senior Faculty DT/NT Category)

Mrs. Kirti Barad - Member (Senior Faculty - Preferably Female from SC/ST/DT/NT)

President of Students Council OR Student Representative - Member

General Secretary of Student's Council OR Student Representative - Member

Mrs. Trupti A. Tulsankar - Member Secretary (Librarian)