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7th Aug, 2018

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Goals & Objectives

Goals of Pragati College 

  • The goals and objectives of the institution are stated in the constitution of the management and are reflected in the mission statement and the college prospectus.
  • The goals of the institution are as follows:
  • To provide education to social awareness of the society.
  • To develop self and social awareness among students.
  • To make the students realize the importance of quality environment and its conservation for better human survival.
  • To promote awareness about national heritage and develop sense of pride for ancient, cultural and literary traditions.
  • To promote all-round development of students by organizing and making students participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • To develop personality and self-confidence of the students, and help them to excel.
  • To inculcate respect for human values among students.
  • To provide facilities for higher education.

Objectives of pragati college 

  • To help students master a subject/s of their interest.
  • To enable students to achieve their goals.
  • To make students aware of current trends and development in areas like Humanities, Literature, Management, Social Science, Science and Technology.
  • To develop Professional, Managerial and Business skills among students.
  • To help the students to employ Scientific and Technological Knowledge for betterment of society.
  • To help the students to overcome language barrier.