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7th Aug, 2018

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History of Department
Department of History has been formed in the very first year of the college that is 1997. History has been taught as the major subject from the year 1999-2000. Since then the Department has maintained the tradition of good result. Library Collection is the major strength of the department. We do have four Journals, CD’s, Maps as the other learning material. Department started a Publication “Manthan” since 2011. Organizing study tour is another important feature of the department. One of the major recent achievement of the Department of History is securing University rank for the Academic year 2014-15.
Goals & Objectives
  1. To create interest in the subject and to make students aware about recent developments and trends in the subject.
  2. To develop self confidence among the students.
  3. To develop self and social awareness and inculcate values in the students.
  4. To promote awareness of National heritage and culture and History of the Country.
  5. To motivate students for further studies and research activities. 

Present Members of Department
Name: Prof. Manasi Bhagwat
Designation: Associate professor
Qualification: M A., B.Lib. Sc, SET
Email: manasibhagwatpragati@gmail.com
Contact No:
Experience in Years: 25 Expert Area: Modern Indian History
Academic Profile: View Profile
Name: Dr. Dhananjay B. Wankhede
Qualification: M.A.,PhD.
Email: dhananjaywankhade74@gmail.com
Contact No:
Experience in Years: 20 Expert Area: MODERN INDIAN HISTORY
Academic Profile: View Profile