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7th Aug, 2018

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History of Department:
The Department of Commerce came into existence right from the inception of the College i.e. form the year 1997. It consists of Teachers and Student members. Since 1997, the department is conducting several activities throughout the year for the overall development of Students, Teachers and the Society at large.
Goals & Objectives: 
  • To make the learners aware about various areas/aspects in commerce
  • To inculcate the habit of reading
  • To help them to bring into practice the Principles of Management
  • To motivate learners to participate in various academic exercises and programmes
  • To develop communication and presentation skills of the learners
  • To assist the learners in pursuing higher and professional studies 
  • To make them aware of desk research and practice the same through projects, assignments, publications etc.
  • To inculcate values, ethics and  discipline in them
  • To help learners to develop overall personality and become better citizens 

Annual Report 

Annual Report  2015-2016

Annual Report  2016-2017

Annual Report  2017-2018

Annual Report  2018-2019

Annual Report  2019-2020

Annual Report  2020-2021

Annual Report  2021-2022

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Present Members of Department
Name: Dr. Anuja Devdutta Bapat
Designation: Vice- Principal, Associate Professor
Qualification: M.Com, SET, MBA, Ph.D (Commerce)
Email: vpanujabapat@gmail.com
Contact No: -
Experience in Years: 25 Expert Area: Commerce and Management
Academic Profile: View Profile
Name: Dr. Kishori Jagdhish Bhagat
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: MCom. MPhil. NET(UGC). MBA(Mar)
Email: kishoribhagat@rediffmail.com
Contact No:
Experience in Years: 25 Expert Area: Management. Marketing. HR
Academic Profile: View Profile