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7th Aug, 2018

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Banking & Insurance

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History of Department:
When one works as an executive at entry level, the work environment now demands broadened mindsets and qualifications for diverse positions. The changing workforce, recent economic downturn and changing demographics are all contributors to this paradigm shift, Technical and specialized skills, honed to an art today may indeed become outdated in the near future. It is essential that employees continue to expand their current knowledge base and skill sets to add personal value in their organizations. A specialized degree does just that, in addition to preparing the student for continued growth and lifelong learning. It is with this objective in mind that the University of Mumbai has introduced the Bachelor of commerce (Banking & Insurance). The course was introduced in the year 2003 by the university and in the same year the Department of B.com (B&I) was established by the college so as to help the local students to take the benefit of the paradigm shift from general education to professional education. 
Goals & Objectives:
  • To create for the student of University of Mumbai an additional avenue of self-employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable trained persons in the field of banking and insurance.
  • To prepare student to exploit opportunity about Banking and Insurance education among the students.
  • To provide adequate basic understanding about Banking and Insurance education among the students.
  • To give an adequate exposure to operators environment in the field of Banking and Insurance.
  • To inculcate training and practical in approach by using modern technology amongst the student in the field of Banking and Insurance.

  1. One day workshop on Revised syllabus held on 20th June, 2017
  2. Campus Placement Cell organized presentation on resume preparation for the students of T.Y.B. Com Banking & Insurance on 23rd Aug 2017
  3. Parent Meeting Organised on 10th June 2017
  4. ‘Functions of Development Bank’, 16th Dec 2017
  5. ‘Exhibition on Mobile Wallet’, 22nd Dec 2017
  6. Presentation on Indian Specific Issues
  7. Guest lecture of Business Economics-II
  8. Farewell Party to T.Y.Bcom (BBI) Students

Present Members of Department
Prof. Swati Pusalkar

HOD, Assistant Professor

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Prof. Nikhil Ghodke

Assistant Professor

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Tanya Jaikumar Ahuja

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