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7th Aug, 2018

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CLANTech- B.Sc.(IT)

History/Introduction of Committee
In this era, the IT sector is growing at much faster pace thereby making various job opportunities available for the students. With this view in mind, Pragati college of Arts and Commerce, Dombivli introduced the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course in the year 2008-09, so that students can grab this golden chance and can start their IT career by developing themselves in this field, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a three year degree course that provides a detailed understanding of various concepts of software, database and networking.
Vision, Mission
Vision: - “Recognize as an innovative leader in Information Technology and to become one of the centers of excellence of Information Technology”.
Mission: - “To produce IT graduates who have the academic and professional base of knowledge to meet the challenges posed by a dynamic global IT environment through our teaching and service.”
Goals and objective
  • The core objectives are to ensure that students graduate with :
  • Substantial knowledge of a broad class of Robust Problem solving Techniques.
  • Ability to clearly communicate Technical concepts both orally and in writing
  • Ability to readily work with other discipline.
  • The ability to design, implement and analyse computational systems.
  • To inculcate practical approach by using innovative technology in the field of IT. 
  • Well-furnished Computer Laboratories with 25 Computer each.
  • Laser Printers and 2 Scanners.
  • Microprocessor Kits and 5 Microcontroller Kits
  • Embedded Kits and 15 Digital Kits.
  • Library – Departmental Library as well as central library 
  • 565  Reference Books (Central Library)
  • 417  Text Books (Central Library)
  • 111  Books & 22 CDs Books (Departmental Library)
  • Internet facilities for Staff & Students – B.Sc. (IT) Lab.
  • Provision of UPS to ensure constant power supply.
  • Provision of Genset for uninterrupted power supply
  • 8 Air-Conditioner of 1.5 Tons.
  • One Personal computer for department.
  • Project Guidance seminar is conducted for developing Live IT projects.
  • Career counselling for learners has been given to judge the area of interest in different IT fields.
Future Plans
  • Strengthen the collaboration with industry 
  • Full-fledged Research & development cell 
  • Research & publication in National & international Journal. 
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops & conferences 
  • Commence Post graduation programme. 
Committee members:
  • Mrs. Rupali Patil.
  • Mrs. Snehal Borle.

CLANTech- B.Sc.(IT)

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