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7th Aug, 2018

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Shri. Jagannathji Patil

T.Z.A.S.P. Mandal • Governing Council of Pragati College, Dombivli
Former Minister for Tourism & Excise

Our  clicirman  Shri. Jagannathji Patil is  a very kind, compassionate, and  briglit individual . We recognized in firm, a profound intetllect combined: with  a  passion for his work.

He believes in excellence of himself and those around him. His zeal for excellence has touch the leaves of every person of this college in one way or another and that is not something we can say of too many other people. He is known for his programmatic advice and his knack of making the complex seem easy. Be slimes tired leadership and decision making with the staff , thereby empowering people to blossom as individual and as leaders. He is always trying new ideas to help us as well as the students. Students really look up to him, and they know he cares about them. The chairman’s welcoming spirit and positive attitude is what makes him such a great leader. He was one of the sincere and forward-looking leaders with a vision to create an institution that provided quality education for all.
One of the most important challenges a chairman faces is bringing together the  significant talents of the students and the myriad abilities of the teachers. It is exaggeration to say that Shri. Jagannathji Patil left no stone unturned to create such an atmosphere in the campus. The college has been climbing in achievements over the years under his able leadership. Seeing the students of pragati college shine at various cultural and sporting events at national level would be able to proudest moment for all of us.