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7th Aug, 2018

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Chairman's Messasge

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Shri. Jagannathji Patil

T.Z.A.S.P. Mandal,Dombivli

  • Governing Council of Pragati College, Dombivli
  • Former Minister for State Excise &Tourism 

Our Chairman Hon. Shri. Jagannathji Patil is a generous, compassionate, and kindhearted individual with a rare combination of a profound intellect and diligent passion for work. He believes in quality of the excellence and wisdom not only in himself but also in those who are around him. His incessant emphasis for excellence is a kind of morale boosting that has touched each and every person of the institution in one way or another. Such an energetic persona is rare to find around us who constantly endeavors for the betterment of his employee. His programmatic advices and his skills of exploring the easy remedies for the complex things are an unparallel asset that makes him a true leader. Being a Hercules of hierarchy and with his strong leadership, he supports and helps in decision making with the staff, thereby empowering people to blossom as individual and as leaders. He is always trying new ideas to help us as well as the students. Students really follow him as a role model, and they know he cares for them. The chairman’s friendly and enthusiastic persona with positive attitude is what makes him such a frontline leader. He is a sincere and visionary man who strived throughout his life to create an institution for imparting quality education for all.
To bring forth the potential talents of students and the myriad abilities of their mentors is one of the most significant challenges before any chairman. Our Hon’ble chairman Shri. Jagannathji Patil has left no stone unturned to constitute such competitive and healthy atmosphere in the campus which would enable the students and teachers to explore their potentialities. The college has been accomplishing the innumerable achievements over the years under his strong guiding leadership. 

Witnessing the students of Pragati College shining with leap and bound in various cultural and sporting events at the national and the international level would be the proudest moment for all of us.