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7th Aug, 2018

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Biz-Wiz Association- B&I

Under the Biz-Viz association of B.COM (B&I) Department. various activities were conducted throughout the semester for grooming the future professionals. These activities were in tandem with the business environment requirement & all round personality development of the students:
Following are the activities that were conducted under the cap of the BIZ-VIZ association in the academic year 2015-16 :
Sr. No. Date Activity
1. 01/07/2015 Fresher’s Orientation Program
2 11/07/2015 .Skill Development Lecture by Mr.Devendra Nene from Skill Master
3. 11/07/2015
“One Day Activity” Conducted by Prof. Pritesh Somani in T.Y.BBI. Class.
4. 22/07/2015 Guidance lecture by Miss Supriya Gaikar on “Study of Foreign
5. 25/07/2015 Lecture on “ Union Budget” by guest speaker Dr.Avinash Shendre
6. 30/07/2015
“ECOMAT” economic activity organized by ‘NIRAV Organization’
7. 30/07/2015 PowerPoint presentations on Recent trends in CRM
8. 06/08/2015 “ECO-QUIZ” economic activity organized by ‘CLASMEET Group’ Class
9. 18/12/2015 Classroom cleaning activity in the name of “Swachata Bharat Abhiyan”
10. 18/12/2015 T.Y.BBI. Student Celebrated ‘Green-Day’ with  Tree plantation
11. 23/12/2015 Exhibition on recent trends in Banking & Insurance sector
12. 22/01/2016 Personality Development Workshop