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(an Intercollegiate Event)

7th Aug, 2018

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Alumni Association

Convenor : Prof. Dhananjay Wankhade

Member : Ms. Mangal Avate

Various activities are conducted in the Academic Year 2015-2016

Voting Awareness : 

In the event of KDMC elections, Pragati Alumni Association has conducted a unique programme to create voting awareness among the people. Voting is our right and each & everyone must possess his/her right in the best possible manner.

We conducted one lecture to know the importance of voting and create awareness among the students. Principal Dr. A. P. Mahajan, Vice-Principal Dr. Kishori Bhagat, Prof. Dhananjay Wankhade  and also the Students of Pragati Maji Vidyarthi Association were present.

New Year Celebration : 

On 31st December, every year our N.S.S. students of Pragati College and the ex-students of Pragati Maji Vidyarthi Association going to Pragati Andh Vidyalay for New year Celebration. This year also Mr. Amol Gangurde, Mr. Karan Shah and many other students have been visited to Pragati Andh Vidyalay and also enjoyed with the students Pragati Andh Vidyalay.

Pragati Karandak-Kabbadi Competition :

On 10th January 2016, Pragati Maji Vidyarthi Association in association with N.Y.K.S Khel Mantralay (Bharat Sarkar), organized an Inter Collegiate sports Event i.e. Kabaddi Competition. It was held at DNC College Campus. Total 16 teams from Mumbai University were participated in this event. 

This programme was inaugurated by the Chairman of T.Z.A.S.P. Mandal Shri. Jagannathji Patil. At the end of the competition Prize distribution ceremony was organised‘Indira Gandhi Team’ awarded by ‘Pragati Karandak 2016’. The Chairman of Pragati Maji Vidyarthi Association Principal Dr. A. P. Mahajan, Vice-Principal of Pragati College Dr. Kishori Bhagat, Vice-Chairman of Pragati Maji Vidyarthi Association Mr. Vishwanath Biwalkar & Secretary Rahul Nale and the members of Alumni Association were present.

Celebration of ‘GudhiPadwa’ : 

Every year Hindu New Year is celebrated as a Gudhipadwa. This is the third year, the Pragati Alumni Association was a part of this celebration. In this year we create awareness to save water, farmer’s suicide due to drought (Dushkal) through poster. We also try to help the farmer and the students who were unable to take education because of poor financial condition. The Chairman of T.Z.A.S.P. Mandal ShriJagannathji Patil, A.C.P. Shri.Suryakant Ghatge, Vice-Principal of Pragati College Dr. Kishori Bhagat visited our stall at Phadke Watch Centre, TJSB Bank, Dombivli (E).  N.S.S. students and students of Alumni Association were present.    

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